Cartographie géochimique par pXRF

Geochemical survey of Neolithic buildings

Amélie completed the geochemical survey by pXRF of 3 Neolithic/Bronze buildings with abside discovered in the Seine valley. This type of architecture, unknown in the area, and the excellent preservation conditions at the site make this project ideal for geochemical mapping. The subsoil is very homogenous in this part of the site (calcareous marl) and the Neolithic/Bronze occupation is very distinct from the latest occupation phases, reducing the risk of palimpsest.

The measurements were taken directly in the field to provide the first results within just a few days and advice the archaeologists in their excavation and sampling strategy. The interior of the buildings and its close perimeter were measured every meter while the courtyard around the buildings was measured every 5m.

The first results look promising with the identification of several hearths in the central alley of one of the buildings. For further results, be patient and stay tuned… 😉

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Geochemical survey by pXRF